Friday, January 19, 2018

Happy Friday, Families!

In LA:  We have been practicing essay writing with a topic of our choice.  We've been re-vamping our reading and writing goals, and working hard on them.  We are going to start working on spelling improvement!  We will write an essay about a chosen region in Alberta.  

In Math:  We have been practicing multiplication and division with pictures and arrays.  We learned an array game.  We will learn new techniques and do some problem solving next week!  Don't forget to practice multiplication facts at home!  

In SS: We have been researching regions, and we picked the one we would have chosen to live in if it had been 100 years ago.  Today we created a background in our visual journals using various artistic ways.  We have been reading about the Metis, First Nations, European Immigrants, the need for the railway, problems with the buffalo, the treaty and the impacts of the treaty for all.  Next week we will do a perspective piece, talking about all three perspectives.  

In Health/Habit study, we've been working on our goals in school and thinking about our learning habits!  

Next Friday:  PD day for kids 

Thursday will be Hot Dog Day!

Just a reminder to read every day!  

***** Special notice:  We are in need for all students to bring in a shoe box.  This will be for car-building in the next month.  Please start looking for a shoe box, please have your child's name CLEARLY on it!  We will need it for the middle of February***

Here is a message from the office:

Hello Teachers

Our Band Fundraiser is coming up and we need to get the word out for ticket sales.

Could you please blog the follow for me?


Big Band Bash, Friday February 9, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

What are you doing in February?  Put it on your calendars and please share this info or LIKE us on Facebook!

February 9 is a night of Big Band jazz music (instrument and vocal), dancing and a fundraiser for the music students from the High School (AHSFA) and Westmount School. There are silent auction items, a live dessert auction and a DIAMOND Blitz, where one lucky person will walk away with a diamond and quartz ring! Cash bar and charcuterie board, only $20.00 a person.


Order forms have been sent home with the band students, tickets can be purchased at Westmount School (Sheena Johnston @ johnstons@fsd38.ab.ca), or bought on Eventbrite.ca (https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/the-big-band-bash-tickets-40552295006?aff=es2).


This is a night for the community to show support to the youth in arts and provide the students the opportunity to be a musician with an AUDIENCE!


Come be a part! Have some laughs, dance, enjoy the music (also featuring the local signing group MzBehavin) and applaud these fine young musicians!


Happy Weekend!