3-Ellis for Tuesday, January 16th

Ahh! Warm weather. That’s better! Welcome to Tuesday.

Literacy; can you name the four foundations of reading? Do they also apply to writing? Everyone did well on their months of the year spelling quiz. In Word Work we are on week 13. Our focus this week in Work on Writing is on editing. Can read a page of writing that has no periods and capitals and punctuate it correctly? If you can do it by reading, then you ought to be able to apply that and do it in your writing.

In Social Studies we talked about the word Geography, and then applied it to our study of India by looking at India’s physical geography. What are the three significant mountain ranges? Are there deserts in India? What is a plateau? Where is the Bay of Bengal? What is henna? Thanks Elo for starting our Maker Space sessions today! 

Math; what is the commutative law of mathematics? Does it work with all operations? What do I mean by “operations”?  What are the four operations?  Is 6  x  4  the SAME thing as 4  x  6?  What do the pictures of each look like? How are they different? How are they the same? What is the answer? Can you flip flop all equations? Tomorrow we will do an Addition Strategies Quiz, before moving on to Subtraction Strategies.  Subtraction Strategies? Hmm. Well, if subtraction is the opposite of addition, then I wonder what those strategies will look like.

Science; think about the science of music? How do all of those instruments make different sounds? How are a trumpet and a trombone the same? What are the families of instruments and what makes them a family in the first place? Why do different instruments in the same family make different sounds?  Hmm? These are some of the questions we will be asking and answering. Can you answer them now?

Enjoy the rest of the week, and the mild weather….while it lasts.