6S News Jan. 15

Spelling Test Books came home today. Please check, make corrections and return by Thursday. Lesson 8 due Thursday.

Study for Trees and Forests Unit Test using Google Classroom - Trees and Forests Review. There are several links to excellent websites for reviewing all concepts. Students will be completing a review, on paper,  in class as well as a comprehensive visual representation of key understandings in their visual journals. Unit Exam will be next Wednesday, January 22. 

Our Math Textbooks have arrived! Students will be using theim to complete practice assignments. Textbooks may come home at times, when necessary for homework completion. Please make sure they are returned the NEXT day!

Some students still need to memorize their basic facts! They will be bringing home flashcards for each set of multiplication facts from 2-12. They need to have these facts mastered ASAP. It is difficult to be successful as we move on to more difficult concepts if students are busy calculating basic facts. The website multiplication.com provides excellent practice as well!