3-Ellis Friday January 12

Welcome to Friday and to our first week back at school.

Today in Health, we reflected on “what has been” and we set some goals for “what will come”.  Kids, tell your parents about your school, home and personal goals, or resolutions, that you set for the remainder of this reporting term.

In Art this afternoon we made an East Indian Rangoli. Next week we will be exploring the Festival of Lights, also known as Diwali.

In Science we have just begun our Hearing and Sound unit. We learned that sound is a type of energy that is created by a vibration. We will be exploring many different aspects of hearing and sound in the following weeks.

In math, we started  our focus on multiplication this week by memorizing a definition and then practicing the definition by drawing pictures. As the year progresses the kids should be able to at least draw a picture of the multiplication equation so they can visualize it.

“Multiplication is like skip counting. The first number of the equation tells you what you are skip counting by. The second number tells you how many times to skip count by that number and the third number in the equation tells you the total.”

  So, figure it out.  3 x 6 means what? Can you draw that picture? Can you figure out the answer?  We will methodically go through our times table, and its flip opposite of division for the next few months. Next week we will begin with our ones’ time table, which is easy to memorize but it’s crucial that the kids get the visual picture of what it looks like. Following our ones’ time table, we will then do our division by one the following week, and so on, until we get to six.

Using your number families knowledge, answer the following questions with your parents.

-----   -   35  =  60.

30  -  _____   =  12.   Can you make some up of your own?  Can you do the same with addition equations?

Thank you for the Taste of Norway Bergen! And thank you for the taste of Belgium Donovan! We had lots of treats this week, along with two birthday celebrations.  Thank you kids and parents for all you do. Enjoy the warming of the weather. See you on Monday.