Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Happy Wednesday!

Today we started learning about Multiplication!  We reviewed that multiplication means "Groups of."  We practiced with hula hoops and bean bags, and then we started making a booklet to help us practice "Groups of."  

In Daily Five, we read about the Fur Trade and the Metis.  We watched a video about the voyageurs, and in SS, we searched up the Metis on line.  We are now working on a "Circle of Viewpoints" which we think about the viewpoints of three different groups.  We are currently looking at the Land, and thinking about the viewpoints of the First Nations, the European Immigrants, the Ranchers and we will soon add the viewpoint of the Metis.  We are focusing on the word PERSPECTIVE for the next couple of weeks.  

Today we had two indoor recesses, the windchill was too high to go outside.  Thank-you for ensuring your children are properly dressed for the weather.  

Hot Dog Day is Friday.  

MATH:  Several kids said they would use flash cards to help them memorize multiplication and division facts to 9X9, some went home today and some will go home tomorrow (mainly because I forgot to hand them out and some kids stayed behind).  If your child doesn't bring a package home either today or tomorrow, and you would like me to send one home, please send me an email.  Some kids also asked for extra adding/subtracting worksheets, these went home today too.  These do not have to come back!  

Here is a message from FOWSS:

Hello, Families!


We are FOWSS (Friends of Okotoks Westmount School Society) and we just want to introduce ourselves to you!  We are the ones who raise money so school isn’t so expensive for parents!  Our committee began with the need to fundraise for the school playground which our kids enjoy today.


Last year, our fundraising efforts profited: 

  • $1,537.50 from the Rebel Bean Coffee Fundraiser; $4,043.64 from the Westmount Howler; $52, 545.93 from the casino (done in Spring 2016, THIS IS OUR MAIN SOURCE OF MONEY.

Last year, thanks to the proceeds from the Casino fundraiser, we distributed $22,934.21 to fund:

  • trophies and plaques, phys-ed equipment, Rocks and Rings Curling program, In-school speakers (PAC and Astronomy), library books, a reach-for-the-top buzzer, specialized reading intervention materials for teachers, and musical instruments!

This year, we have raised ~$3,300 from the walk-a-thon organized by Mrs. Norrie and we received a gracious donation of $5,000 from Crescent Point Energy thanks to the efforts of Mr. Jones.

This year, using proceeds from the Casino fundraiser, we have granted ~$24,000 in funding requests across the following approved uses:

  • transportation for in Province field trips, band equipment, resource equipment for the library, Ipad/Ipods, trophy and award maintenance, sporting equipment, guest speakers


Please be a part of our pack!


Join our meetings, volunteer! Our next meeting is Jan 18, 2018 at 7:00 in the staff room. We have great fundraising plans for this year and we want your help!!!


Thank-you for all of your support.




Here is a message from the Junior High teachers:

The junior high are looking for a series of experts to come in to work with our CTF students to build knowledge of their trades. Experts would be required on two consecutive days, if possible, for 1-3 hours. We are looking for the following experts to come in from Jan. 16th – Jan 30th.

  • Cabinet maker
  • Framer
  • Electrician
  • Fashion design/seamstress
  • Graphic design
  • Painter
  • Plumber
  • Sheet metal
  • Welder

Any interested experts can contact Mrs. Rawlings (rawlingsl@fsd38.ab.ca) or Mrs. McWhirter (mcwhirterk@fsd38.ab.ca)

Have a GREAT night!!!