3-Ellis for Tuesday January 9th

Happy New Year Everyone, and welcome back. I hope you are all rested and ready to go for a new year! Ready or not; it's ready for YOU! 

We've jumped right back into the swing of things. 

Literacy; we are on week 12 now for our word work (spelling). In our Work on Writing, we are just finishing up our first attempt at writing and sharing a story of our own, before jumping into poetry. We continue to monitor our reading foundations of fluency, comprehension, site word accuracy and expanding vocabulary. All of these foundations, fit nicely into writing as well, as written language is simple the reverse side of reading. 

In math we are close to finishing up our money unit. Parents, please practice counting money at home with your kids and continue to demonstrate to them that in giving change you count up from the price to the total amount of money given, and that leaves you with the "difference" in your hand (subtraction). 

In Science yesterday, we marked our Rocks and Minerals quiz (will be sent home tomorrow) and followed up by introducing our new unit (drum roll please) on The Science of Hearing and Sound. 

In Social Studies today we zoomed in, using our atlases on countries that surround India. Then we zoomed a little bit closer into some of the larger cities of that country, such as New Delhi and Calcutta. 

Thank you parents for continuing to make sure your kids come to school dressed for the outdoors. We value our outside time, and generally go out for recess and DPA everyday, even when it is -20! So, bundle up, and you will be a happy camper playing in the snow drifts!