3-Ellis for the first full day of winter!

Winter Solstice - greeting the rising sunWinter Solstice - greeting the rising sun

Well, we did it! We hiked up to the top of the big hill and met the morning sun rise on the FIRST FULL day of winter! It was rising by 8:45. We hoofed it! Welcome to winter everyone. Only three more months until equinox!

Parents and kids, I can't thank you enough. Thank you for the cheer, and the good will, and your gifts and thank you for your kids!   " I believe there are angles among us.....".  

For the holidays kids, stay in touch with a good book; stay in touch with your Addition Strategies. Practice makes better. After Christmas we will quiz those strategies and then flip them......because, (you know what I am going to say), "subtraction is the opposite of addition." In the New Year we will do Subtraction Strategies before jumping into our multiplication times table and division. Exciting stuff, and worth practicing at home. Do some writing too. Keep a journal and write in it everyday. Keep your writing fluency well "oiled".  And most importantly stay in touch with nature, and yourself and your family and your friends. Watch out for the Lama, Lama, Holiday Drama!

Take good care of each other. See you soon, in 2018!