Grade 1 Mayer

Wow!!  Recess was so much fun with the mounds of snow to play in.  Hard to come in after playing in that.

Please note:

Safe journeys!

  1. Hot Dog Day tomorrow.
  2. Friday, Dec. 22 - Class Party - We will have our class party this morning.  We can wear PJ’s and play games. If you would like to send a food treat to share with everyone, that would be great.  Early dismissal at 12:15.
  3. New Calendar and Raz Kids information will be coming home tomorrow.
  4. Our suitcases full of information, activities and crafts came home today.  Our trip around the world for Christmas was fun and we learned that many things are the same but some are very different.
  5. In the new year, we will be using some recycleable materials to build a structure.  We will need toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and gift wrap rolls. We will also need medium to small boxes (e.g., cracker, cereal and tissue boxes). Please collect these things over the next few weeks (don't break them down) and then send them into the school in January (we really don't have space to collect these materials at school). Thank you for your understanding.