3-Ellis Tuesday, December 19th

"It's starting to feel alot like Christmas...."    is it ever! 

RE: Bake Sale. Wow! In a word. In two......WOW and THANKS! WOW for what a great day. We (all of us) raised so much money. We have not counted yet. But, we will. Our estimates from the kids ranged from $111.30  to  $360.25. We will let you know the exact figure. We pretty much sold out of almost everything. 

And THANKS!!  Parents running the table. Just couldn't do it without you. Thanks! That was a lot of work. 

And THANKS!!  Parents and kids working hard and baking and / or buying items for the table. And of course, sending kids to school with some pocket change. I think the all of the grade 3's (including 3-Ellis) were some of our biggest customers. Couldn't do it without all of you. See kids! It's a Many Hands principle!

Kids, I'm proud of you. You committed to a "cause" and stuck with it to the end. We have not identified the charity that we will donate this to. We will work on this tomorrow and on Thursday. We will blog it on Friday, so you all know where your hard work and cash has gone to. 

In math, we are in the midst of a money unit. No kidding. Nothing like hands-on. Kids, practice counting money. Practice giving change by counting from the purchase price to the amount of money given. That's the difference. 

We're kind of chillin it in our Word Work, but we are back into a Daily 5 rotation this week, doing some Christmas writing. 

In SS we will be looking at the countries that surround India. 

In Science, Rocks and Minerals will sadly come to a close after we look closely at testing minerals for their different properties. 

Thank you again EVERYONE. 

There is food for everyone, father daughter mother son there's enough for everyone in our green and growing home