Webb Dec. 18

Good afternoon 2W families,

We are into our last week of school!!! Here are a few reminders for the week.


Monday - We had a wonderful drumming presentation today in the gym ask your child about it.

             - No Spelling this week

Tuesday- Grade 3 Bake Sale - Rasing money for charity


Thursday - Class Party (Please still send your child a lunch on this day.)

For those that are bringing snacks:

Fruit and dip - Georgia

Meat and Cheese - Rub

Veggies and Dip - Jayce

Sweets- Gracie

Chips - John

Juice Boxes - Louis

               - Hotdog Day

Friday - PJ Day

          - Cub Cafe is closed

          - Dismissed at 12:15


I am needing someone to pick up the bottles on Thursday afternoon, so that they aren't sitting in the school for the Christmas break. Please email me if you are able to help us out with this. 


Have a great week. I hope that everyone has a safe and fun holiday season.


Mrs. Webb