3-Ellis for Friday Dec 15th

Welcome to the weekend! It's now the countdown before Christmas Holidays. It was definitely a busy week with lots going on. Despite the rehearsal practices, many times over (show biz IS NOT an easy business we discovered), we managed to squeeze in some of our "official curriculum" learning items as well. 

For next week, please be prepared for a review quiz on Addition Strategies. As well, review the numbers families for addition and subtraction. 

In Science this week, we will wrap up Rocks and Minerals with another neat project, along with a quiz. In January we will move on to a new topic. Thank you kids and families for "lending"some of your precious rock and mineral items to the Table of Wonder. Please take these items home this week, so we can fill a new Table of Wonder with "wonderful things". 

We have put our official Word Work on hold until January. We have replaced it with some Holiday Word Work fun. Remember too that this week we will be looking at the correct spelling of the months of the year. Practice these at home too please. 

Thank you families for your participation in our fund raiser on Tuesday. Stay tuned for a separate blog on that topic. 

Enjoy the weekend. Watch out for the "Lama Lama Holiday Drama" and stress and anxiety (as we learned and read about it in Health on Friday).