Grade 1 Social

Hello all 1D Families,

It was wonderful to see you all last night at the concert. It was a fantastic concert and your children were adorable!!!

I would like to have a Grade 1 Social next Friday on the half day of school. I am hoping that all the students will able to participate.

 I was thinking students could bring in age appropriate board games (with permission) and possibly a food treat to share with the class. I really like to get a combination of healthy foods (e.g., fruits and vegetables with dip), with some chips and treats (e.g., cupcakes and cookies). All foods should be nut free.

I’m sending out this blog so that you have enough notice to prepare. Please email me at:  theresa.deguire@fsd.ab.ca  if you would like to send in a healthy snack or treat for the grade 1 social. I usually bring in the dips, but I will see what others are bringing in before I decide what I will bring.

Have a great weekend,

Theresa Deguire