3-Ellis concert info from Ms Jones re: borrowed costumes

Natasha just asked a great question regarding kids who might be borrowing costumes from the music room for their Xmas Concert. There are only a few students who are borrowing costumes (some grades 3's - like candy canes, toy soldiers, princes',  and all grade 5 reindeer will receive a headband from me):

1. I am perfectly fine with all Wednesday Concert students to grab their costume pieces from me on Tuesday OR on Wednesday morning. 

NOTE: ALL GRADE 3's need to make sure to leave their borrowed costumes with me (in the music room) on Wednesday evening (after the concert finishes) so that they are available for kids performing on Thursday. 

2. Kids who perform on Thursday can come see me during the day time (on Thursday) to get their costume!

Grade 3 students who are MICE - they can come to the music room at 6:30 pm on the night of their concert to grab their swords from me. 

Thank you so much for your continued support!