Christmas Concert

Good morning 1D families,

This is a reminder about our concert scheduled for this Thursday evening. The drop-off time has changed slightly. Ms. Jones is asking that the students be dropped off at 6:30. This is slightly later than was previously requested, so that parents can drop off their child and then go directly to the gym to get seating for the concert. Students can be dropped off at their regular classroom.

CONCERT #2 –THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14th – 7:00 – 8:30 pm (1 Mayer, 1 Deguire, 2 Webb, 3 Wurz, 4 England, 4 Campbell, 5 Keller, 5 McKellar, Ms. Campbells Kindergarten Class)

I can't wait to see this concert!!

Theresa Deguire