3-Ellis - Around The World And Back Again

flight stop-over at the flight stop-over at the "top of the world"

Well, we flew to India on Wednesday afternoon. We will stay there for a month or so, studying their culture and ways of life, and comparing them with ours. 

In math we are nearing the completion of our Addition Strategies study, and we will be moving on to a money unit next week. Please review those addition strategies and aim for memorization of the basic ones, such as adding 10's, 100's, tens partners and doubles. The remaining strategies really hinge on those basic strategies. 

In Literacy this week, along with our Daily Five, after planning and mapping out our stories, we attempted to write our introduction, aiming for a Bravo Beginning that captures the readers attention and sets the scene for the rest of the story to follow. In our Word Work, we are quizzing unit 11 this week. We will take a bit of a break from regular spelling this week, while introducing some Christmas Word Work for the next two weeks. Part of that work will be the correct spelling of the months of the year. We will take two weeks to nail that down, while doing other Christmas-type of work and writing. So, if you are bored this weekend, get out a calendar and start memorizing how to spell ALL of the months of the year!

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.