3-Ellis Bake Sale Fund Raiser Request

Welcome to Friday! Enjoy your three day weekend!

While reading our novel, "The Family Under the Bridge", as a class, in our own "spirit of giving" we have all expressed an interest in having a bake sale to do a bit of fund raising for a local charity. We have not yet identidfied the charity we would like to donate to. We have received administrative approval to do this, and we would like to do this on Tuesday, December 19th.

To carry through and do this, we would need parental support with two things;

1) Bake Sale items. Ideally pre-packaged and individually wrapped and ready for quick sale to eager students during recess and lunch time. These items can be locally bought, or locally home made! 

2) I'm looking for two or three parents who would be willing to set-up and run the table from about 10:00 am until 1:00pm. As we are embarking on a money unit, we would have about four students at a time coming down to help you, rotating this so every student gets a turn. 

If you can participate with one or with both of these items, please let me know on Monday morning. You could send me a note with your child, or e-mail me.