December 6

We had a very busy day today!  We did a big craft that had the kids cutting a lot of pieces!  It was great practice for cutting and gluing the pieces in a certain spot.  It's the gingerbread house that is in your childs bag.  We are also working on predicting what happens in a story.  So, before I read a story the kids have to look at the picture on the front and make a guess in their head about what they think happens in the story.  Then at the end they see if they were right.  When you are reading a new story with your child have them do this.  You can also have them look at some of the pictures in the story and make predictions about what is happening, then read the story.  This is a great pre-reading skill as we have learned in class that the pictures always give you a clue about what the words say.  We also colored and painted our Koala bears today for letter K.  This Friday is no school for kids.  Have a great night:)

Ms. New