3-Ellis for Tuesday December 5th

Welcome to Tuesday; thank you for everyone's participation in the Christmas Craft Fair. It was a great success, and we enjoyed some mid-day shopping. 

Our math Addition Strategies have really picked up. Parents, please practice these concepts at home with your kids. Tens partners, plus 10 to any number, plus 20 to any number, plus 100 to any number, plus 200 etc etc.  Also, doubles, doubles plus 1, doubles plus 2, doubles minus 1, doubles minus 2. These strategies hinge on knowing and memorizing your tens-partners and your doubles. Applying the strategies allows us to QUICKLY figure out certain addition equations WITHOUT having to count up in our head. 

In Literacy, we will begin to write our stories this week. We've had two weeks of planning. If our planning was successful, then the story should flow much easier. This week our focus is on the exciting introductions that HOOK the readers interest.  Word Work, we are on week 11. 

We are wrapping up our Rocks and Minerals unit with some cool projects. One is finished and will come home, soon. The other one we will begin soon. 

Fasten your seat belts! We are flying to a new country tomorrow. Somewhere very far away and wonderfully different. 

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow.