3-Ellis for Friday, December 1st

Hello families; welcome to Friday. TGIF. Yes! And welcome to December. It does go fast. 

  Learner Profiles (report cards) were sent home today with each student. Please return the large envelope and the folder too. Thank you.   In the envelope you will also find an assessment that the kids did on themselves. We call this CORL, which stands for Characteristics Of Responsible Learners. You will notice that it uses the same general categories as what is in the Learner Profile. I asked the kids to compare their assessment of themselves with my assessment of them, as a learner. Hopefully, they match up pretty closely. I did not check them. It's their genuine assessment. Not everyone finished, especially the written part (giving examples). We also left the teacher / student and  parent / student goal section blank. This will be a class assignment we will work on after the New Year; Goal Setting.  However, it plants a seed. We did talk about goal setting, and the need to know thyself as a learner, and to know what we need to work on. We don’t set goals on things we have already accomplished. So, this can become a conversation between you and your kids as well.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your son or daughters Learner Profile, please let me know and we can have that discussion. Like any classroom, there is lots of diversity in ours!

   In math this week, we have learned several other addition strategies, which can be worked on at home for possible memorization. Thus far, we have identified and practiced counting up, tens partners, tens partners extended, doubles, doubles plus one, doubles plus two, adding ten, adding twenty, adding one hundred, adding two hundred. These are pretty straight forward, but if we practice them, we will become much quicker at immediate re-call of fairly basic (and some not so basic) addition equations.

    In spelling, we are on to week 11. This week we were working on a story map, or plan, or outline. Next week, we will attempt to actually write  our own story, following our map and outline.

    Social Studies has been on the back burner for a little while, but in December we will begin to look at quality of life, with a comparison of other countries and families. As we move into December, we do take a look at poverty and homelessness, and we try to tie it in to doing something for the common good. Please be aware that the Christmas Craft Sale has sold out of tables. That might have been our venue for something along those lines, however, we should be able to do some “reasonable” fund raising of our own, while we explore local, national and international charities and non-profit groups.

    Have a great weekend. Enjoy the “calm” of …December?  Really?   Okay; so the calm of early December!  Silent night?  ; )