3-Ellis for Tuesday, November 28th

Hello families; hard to believe that in three more days it will be December 1st. A reminder that Thursday is the dead-line date for anyone who might be interested in having a table at the Christmas Craft Sale. The big day is on Tuesday. As a class we need to discuss if we are in favour of having a table in order to raise money for a????    For a what???   This is the question.  We will get back to you on that topic, soon. Tick tock! 

In math we have learned some more addition strategies. We have learned about doubles, doubles plus one and doubles plus 2. These strategies "hinge" on having your doubles strategies MEMORIZED!!  Today, we also re-visited our addition and subtraction number families rule. The kids brought home some work to show you. These rules will help us a lot when it comes to answering a question such as  _____   -  32  =  50.   Or,  65  +  ____  =  80.  Kids, explain to mom and dad just how that works. Parents, help them out and review if necessary. 

In Science, we are completing our volcano picture by adding labels. We will take this home soon, along with a few other odds and ends that we have been working on. Today, we re-visited the Rock Cycle as well. Yesterday we nailed Igneous, intrusive and extrusive. Did you know that 95% of the earth’s crust is made from igneous rock? So, most of the rocks you find are igneous! Which tells you what?

In spelling we are on word list number 10. This week in work on writing we are planning our Pet Rock story. Just making a plan, that includes the setting, the characters, the beginning event, the other events, the problem, the rise and falling action, the climax (boiling point) and the ending, the conclusion. This is a sneak peek into this project, as we will return to it and spend lots of time on this in the Spring.

Morning message today; “careful with your thoughts, they become your words; careful with your words, they become your actions; careful with your actions, they become your habits; careful with your habits, they become your character; careful with your character for it becomes your destiny. So, be careful with your thoughts.”

Have a great evening. See you tomorrow!