Tell Them From Me Survey

Students have been completing the Tell Them From Me Survey.

The tell them From me (TTFM) student survey is a web-based survey that measures student engagement. It gives the school reliable and timely data based on student voice. The information helps us to monitor and promote practices that positively impact students’ sense of belonging, well-being and achievement.

Research tells us there is a direct link between student’s attitude toward learning and academic success. We know that engagement and learning go hand in hand: engagement leads to learning — and learning leads to engagement. Students in grades 4 to 9 complete the survey. We use the data to set goals for student improvement and monitor their progress in achieving those goals.

We have also used this survey to collect student voice Students are given an opportunity to provide feedback on things they enjoy about Westmount as well as to provide suggestions that would help make their school experience better.  The survey asks a number of questions about experiences at home and at school. Some of the question are about personal feelings and peer relationships.

Please be sure to ask your son or daughter about the survey!