3-Ellis for Friday, November 24th

Hello families; time flies by. Last Friday of November and the last day of term 1. Wow. Learner Profiles will go home next week. We chatted a bit about the American Thanks Giving and how it symbolizes the beginning of the shopping Christmas season for SOME American ( and likely Canadian) families. On that note we have had several Country Research Poster presentations. Kids, tell your parents what you have learned about Russia, Egypt and China!

Speaking of learning, in our Daily Math today (which should have arrived at home) we came across a VERY challenging subtraction equation, which we worked out. Parents, be aware, this is NOT what we are working on right now and this question was pretty advanced for us. But, this question is a sneak peek of what is coming up shortly, AND, if you spent some time with your son or daughter explaining the concept (repeat to remember, remember to repeat) it would help. The question was 718 - 279 = ???    The concept is regrouping while borrowing for subtraction, and having to do it TWICE. It's messy, and somewhat complicated. We call it double borrowing. However, if you could review the concept of single borrowing while re-grouping in subtraction, that would be helpful.  For example, the equation 278 -  159 = ???   This is something that you could review with your kids. It was introduced in grade 2. We have not really hammered it yet in grade three, but we will soon. Thanks for touching on this with your kids. 

In Science this week we were building our own very detailed volcano posters. We just have to attach labels that identify they rocks and layers and then we can take it home. 

For addition strategies, please continue to review count-up, tens partners and doubles. Next week we will extend those concepts. 

Spelling quiz on Monday for week 9. Next week we will be on week 10. 

We had a lock down practice yesterday. I'm sure the kids told you all about it. Of course they have all kinds of questions regarding WHY we do this. Our basic response is that we do this so that we can be kept safe IF, for WHATEVER reason, someone (like who?) comes into the school who is very angry. Based on the very few real lock-downs that have happened (not in our school), we chatted about angry people that might come into the building, and that shutting our doors and being very quiet is the best thing possible. It was also mentioned that perhaps a lock-down could occur if a wild animal entered the school, and we chatted about the incident where this actually did happen in a mountain town. So, who knows. Better to be safe and know what to do. 

Have a great weekend families!  See you on Monday kiddos!!  ; )