November 22, 2017

Hello 5H Families,

Today, with our grade two buddies we started making cards and decorations for the Holiday Craft Fair, that will take place on December 5 from 1-4pm in the gym.  We are still needing the following items to be brought in before November 30th.  If you have been waiting to send your items in please send them soon.

 Inside Out Rice Krispie Marshmallows - Baking

1 box of red Smarties

1 container of caramel sauce

1 container of chocolate sauce

2 bag regular sized white marshmallows 

1 Family Sized Box of Rice Krispies

2 sheets of yellow cardstock

1 spool of red ribbon

2 sheets of brown cardstock

The students came together with all of the grade five classes to work on the water inquiry that we started on Monday.  They came up with three questions that they want to research.  Ask your child to tell you there three questions. 

Thank you for reading the blog,

Alicia Hollingsworth