Kindergarten Update November 21

Students had gym and music for the first time in several weeks today.  In music, students learned the two songs they will be performing for the Christmas concert.  We will be busy practicing these lots in the next few weeks!  In the morning, we learned about our first superhero vowel, the letter "a".  The vowels are superheros because we need them to make words.  Students also learned to write the capital letter "P", and showed me some of the neatest printing I've seen so far this year!  In gym, they played "treasure", a fast-paced running game of collecting bean bags!  In math, we used 10-frames and dice to make numbers between 1-6.  Students are getting better and faster at recognizing numbers on a dice (instead of counting the dots every time).  This is a skill that is easy and fun to practice at home, by playing games with dice (like snakes and ladders).

I will not be at school on Thursday.  Mrs. Casey will be back to teach our class again.  She was very impressed with them last time!

My apologies for not blogging last Thursday.  I had written a blog, but it looks like it didn't save or send properly.  Last week, students brought home a package for a fundraising campaign to sell magazines.  This fundraiser raises money for our learning commons (library).  Students can earn prizes for themselves by selling magazine subscriptions.  

Westmount's 3rd Annual Craft Fair is happening on December 5.  Our class will be visiting the craft fair in the afternoon.  More information is available here: https://westmount.fsd38.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=3745&stream=News

Castle Ski Hill is offering children's season's passes for K-6 Westmount students for $15.  More information is available here: https://westmount.fsd38.ab.ca/view.php?action=object&id=3781&stream=News

Criminal Record Check information:

Parents, Westmount School appreciates all the time you put into volunteering!  If you plan to volunteer more than 10 hours this school year, or if you plan to attend a fieldtrip, please stop by the office to get a form for a criminal record check, which lasts 5 years.  If you have any questions, or think you may have a valid criminal record check from previous years, please come into the office or email Ms. Johnston at Johnstons@fsd38.ab.ca. Thank you for all you do!

Upcoming Events:

Friday, November 24: We have school this day! It is also hotdog day.  For $5, students receive a hotdog, chips or popcorn, and a drink.

Thursday, November 30: Library day.  Report cards go home today.

Tuesday, December 5: Library day.

Thursday, December 7: Hotdog day.

Thursday, December 14: Library day. 7:00-8:30pm: Christmas Concert

Friday, December 15: We have school this day!  It is also hotdog day.

Tuesday, December 19: Last library day before the Christmas holidays.

Thursday, December 21: Last day of kindergarten before Christmas!

Tuesday, January 9:  First day of kindergarten after the Christmas holidays.