3-Ellis for Tuesday, November 21st

Hello families; 

  I have blogged some info from Ms. Jones re: Christmas Concert. Sorry if I sent home contradictory information regarding costumes and Christmas Concert info. If you have questions or concerns, please contact her directly. 

  Moving right along. We wrote our Science Quiz yesterday on Earth Sciences. We have not marked that yet, but will do so soon. Today in Science our focus was on Gemstones! Oh ya!  "If I had a million dollars". 

   We began our first Country Poster presentation today. Thank you Dustin. We will try to do one each day, until they are done and posted on our wall! 

    In math we have begun a new unit on Addition Strategies. We have so far focused on the "count up" strategy (fine for little numbers); ten's partners (and the extension of that to 20, 30, 40, 50 etc partners); and "Doubles" strategy. We can extend this strategy to great big numbers too. Kids, show your parents how this works! Tomorrow we will come home with some information on all of these strategies, as long as Mr. Ellis can remember to send it home! 

    In Literacy in our Work on Writing, we are learning about "characterization". Some people have great imaginations and have made a lot of money (and had a lot of fun) developing "fictitious" characters. So, we will do the same with our Pet Rocks! In our Word Work we are on week 9. 

     Thank you for those of you who are working on these words at home. I'm seeing improvements. Some of us have moved up to blue words! 

Have a great evening and week!