3-Ellis Friday November 17th

Welcome to Friday! 

Thanks for continuing to send in small, medium sized pill / vitamin bottles for a little project we will do soon. Also, thanks for allowing your child to do a little bit of research on spiders this weekend.....if it's convenient. After reading Charlottes Web we are "musing" over the idea of having a pet......ya, you gussed it....spider. It's just a thought....for now, but might just always remain only that!  ; ) 

Christmas Craft Fair will be on December 5th from 1:00 - 4:00. All are invited. The kids and I are going to discuss the idea of having a table for ourselves with baked goods. More on that later. Also, families are welcome to set up a table too, IF you have crafts or other items you think would be fitting for the Craft Sale. Janey Woldridge is your contact here at the school if you are interested. She would need to know by November 28th. 

Ms. Jones continues to prepare the kids for the Christmas Concert. She has designated all of the roles, and she will provide the costumes.....unless you just happened to have the costume of your designation by coincidence! 

Today, kids took home this weeks Daily Math. Please review it with them and see for yourself how they assess themselves as learners. Kids also took home a completed study guide for our up-coming science quiz on Monday. This short quiz will be on Earth Science; not so much Rocks and Minerals. We're not finished with that one yet. 

We will begin to present our SS Country Posters next week. Thank you for all of the help at home to get those complete! If you are bored this weekend, study your spelling words for your quiz on Monday. Or, begin to to write in a Daily Journal. Write a story. Next week we will begin some characterization with our Pet Rocks, and eventually, we will place them into our own story. 

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday!