3W News November 15th, 217 Day 4

Hello Parents/Guardians of 3W,

Here is a message from the office:

Parents, Westmount School appreciates all the time you put into volunteering!  If you plan to volunteer more than 10 hours this school year, or if you plan to attend a fieldtrip, please check at the office to ensure your Criminal Record Check information is current.  The check lasts for 5 years, and a Westmount School declaration must be signed each year. If you think your information requires an update, please come into the office or email Ms. Johnston at Johnstons@fsd38.ab.ca. Thank you for all you do!


*IF you hope to join us on a field trip in the future, PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME NOW TO COMPLETE THE CRIMINAL RECORD PACKAGE (FREE TO COMPLETE) and get in contact with Ms. Johnston so that we are not left short when it comes time to head out on a field trip.


Magazine Fundraiser –Your child brought home the library magazine fundraiser package yesterday. Please let myself or Ms. Elo know if you have any questions about how it works. Magazines can be sold online or by using the paper form that was sent home.

I have had a few parents ask about Christmas Concert costumes and what the Grade 3s will be. There will be many different characters/costumes across Grade 3. Ms. Jones has said that they are still working on organizing “parts” for the concert and so most children are not yet aware of what they will be specifically. This information will come. The focus has been on learning the songs first, and so the costume assignments will come later. You do not need to spend lot of money or time creating costumes, simple is just fine!

Friday is hot dog Friday.

December book orders came home this week and will be due December 1st  if you choose to order. Please email me if the order is meant to be a gift!

Enjoy your day,

Mrs. Wurz