3-Ellis for Tuesday, November 14

Hello families; 

  We finished our read-aloud with Wilbur and Charlotte. Wonderful book. The end of the book lead us to some very deep and mature (if I can be so bold to use that word for 8 and 9 year olds) discussions about life-cycles. The kids had boundless wonder and questions (of which I do NOT know the answer to) regarding life and death and all things in-between. Our talk lead us to such topics as the wonder of life and the wonder of death, and the wonder of the possibility of life after death, burial, cremation, religion and even capital punishment. A heads-up for you parents. Maybe you have the ANSWERS!!   ; )  Oh, the questions that kids ask!

   In math our new concept this week is on "rounding numbers". Today, for the sake of easy estimation, we were rounding our numbers to the nearest tens place value. Parents, think back.....way back!  Surely you remember the rule!!   Kids, quiz them on it!!   Make sure they do!

     In Science we watched and talked about plate tectonics and volcanoes and earth quakes (again). We spent about 30 minutes working on an Earth Science Review paper, to help us on the up-coming quiz. 

    Thank you parents for helping your kids with getting some basic research info sent to school on the kids chosen country of research. We have certainly been around the world and back again! We will finish these posters up this week, present our information in the coming months and display these posters in our room. 

    In Literacy, we we are on week 8 of our spelling words. Some kids have moved up a level. Some down. It's fluid and flexible. Andrew seems to think that Freckle Juice really works.  Hmmm......I wonder if he can PROVE IT!!!  I wonder if WE can prove it!!

    I have asked the kids to send a small empty pill to school for a project we will embark on next week. Ideally it will be circular, all though if it's squarish we can probably work around that . 

     Magazine Sales Fund Raiser went home today. All profits go to our Learning Commons to help them to buy great learning materials for your kids! 

   Thank you ALL for what you do. Kids, remember our chiefs words of wisdom today. "You may NOT be able to control all that happens around you, BUT you can CHOOSE to control your response to WHAT happens around you."   Wise words!  

    Good night moon!!   Good night stars in the sky!