November 13

Hi everyone!  Today the kids went to gym and music.  In music they have singing their Christmas Concert song.  So if you hear your child singing Christmas songs that's why!  We also had the magazine fundraiser assembly this morning.  This is a great fundraiser for our library/learning commons.  The fundraiser envelope will be coming home this week.  We also did our November name and self portrait page in our yearly booklet.  It is so amazing to see the kids growth already since September.  Also, a group of us played the board game Trouble today.  This is a great game for building fine motor skills and counting with one-to-one correspondance.  If you can try playing this, or another board game this week that includes counting and manipulating tiny pieces.  We have also started some new morning work.  This work will inlcude some literacy and some math.  The kids will be doing one page every morning and bringing it home.  By bringing it home I am hoping it shows you 2 things.  The first is you can see what your child is doing well at (coloring, their name).  The next is what your child might need to work on (printing the letters, etc.)  Have a great night!

Ms. New