Weekly Update for Nov 13 - 17

Good morning Parents of 4C!


I hope that  you have all had a great weekend so far, and have been able to take advantage of the milder temperatures outside. We have a very busy week ahead of us with parent teacher conferences happening this week on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.


Here is the link to sign up for a time slot, or check where you have booked. https://westmount.schoolsoft.com/login.jsf


Here is a look at the week ahead



  • Magazine fundraiser assembly in the gym at 9:00


  • Parent teacher conferences from 4-8pm. Please make sure you have signed up on the conference manager


  • Parent teacher conferences from 4-8pm. Please make sure you have signed up on the conference manager


  • Sparks day
  • Hot dog day.


Here is a look at the week in academics


Language arts

  • We will trade paragraphs for the monster swap writing and see how close the new drawings are to the originals. .
  • We will be making and revising the plans to reduce our classroom waste in our writing time this week.
  • We will be reflecting on our reading goals so far, and setting new ones for the next while.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Read with your child every night (20 min at least)
  • Have your child show you their RAZ kids account online and allow them to use it daily.



  • We are well on our way to reduce our waste in our classroom by following the plans that the kids have developed to eliminate lysol wipes, plastic cutlery, and ziploc bags from lunches. The students focusing on the ziploc bags will be sending out some communication to you, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
  • The students will write a reflection piece on how their actions in science have made an impact on the world..

How can I help as a parent?

  • Ask them about how their actions have impacted the world



  • We have had a solid week of subtraction learning, and will continue to work in flexible groups based on the student's readiness.
  • We will move towards word problems and more complicated subtraction tasks throughout the week.
  • We will have a unit test on addition and subtraction at the end of the week.

How can I help as a parent?

  • Practice addition and subtraction problems at home. Ask students to share some strategies with you that they have learned in class.


Social Studies

  • With mapping all wrapped up, all of the SS groups will begin to move into their final project for this inquiry.
  • First Nations focus group will be designing and building drums, European group will be doing a museum, and Western group will be doing some work with creating a brand.


Here is a note from Mrs. England regarding the European immigrant group.

  • Can your child please bring an artifact (or a picture) to school for Monday?  This is an artifact/picture that is small enough to showcase in our Museum that we will be hosting in a short time.  This artifact should be special to you, and it tells a personal story.  This artifact should be easy to move around, as we will be using it in the next couple of weeks.  This artifact will be locked in Mrs. England’s classroom while we work with it, but please do not send something that is worth a million dollars!  This is an artifact that someone in your family knows information about:  Your child will be expected to complete an interview with someone, so they learn the story.
    • On Monday:  We will create interview questions in class, and then kids will have a week to conduct their interview!
    • On Tuesday:  We will brainstorm ways to make our artifact “Museum ready.”
  • We will also pick a date for our museum very soon, so you may come and visit!
  • Thank-you for all of your support with our artifacts!
  • Mrs. England


How can I help as a parent?

  • Talk with your child about their specific group this week. What are they doing in their group? What influence does the past have on the present?


That is about all for this week!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.


So long for now,



Graham Campbell


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