3-Ellis for Friday, November 10th

Welcome to a beautiful, bright, white, warm weekend. 

Thankyou boys and girls for doing an excellent job in BOTH Remembrance Day service performances, and to Miss Jones for leading you. You sounded fantastic and you showed (modeled) respect for everyone by being patient and calm during your two hours of having to be seated up at the front, on stage! Way to go. Hearing your song brought tears to my eyes!  We will continue to chat a little bit more about Remembrance Day next week, as we all have some stories to tell and questions to be answered!

We needed to work hard through-out the rest of the day on Thursday in order to catch up and finish our "first things first" in the classroom. Sometimes that is necessary, even on the last afternoon of the week (often reserved for art and other fun and / or creative / recreative activities. 

Thank you parents and kids for coming in to chat about "YOU" (that's YOU kids) as a learner, leader and participant in our classroom, school and community at large. Where-ever we go (school, home or community), there we follow! For those of you who could not make it, feel free to contact me at some other point for this conversation. 

Spelling words are blogged. Kids, now you have no excuse. Accept the challenge! For a "work on writing" challenge, you can write your spelling words by putting them into a SENTENCE that begins with a capital and ends with a period. For those wanting a bigger challenge, write a story, making sure that one of your spelling words is in each sentence. It's fun, and creative but also gives you a structure at the same time. 

Have a great weekend. Hopefully you'll get outside to enjoy some of this sunshine and warmth!