Remembrance Day

Hi everyone!  This week we have been working on learning the letter D and rhyming words.  I have been reading lots of rhyming books to the kids and getting them to listen for words that rhyme, then we brainstorm more words that rhyme with the words we heard in the story.  If you can this week, find a rhyming book at home or online and listen for rhyming words with your child.  See if they can think of more words that sound the same as the original rhyme.  We also made poppies for Remembrance Day which are hanging in the hallway.  Tomorrow the class will be attending the Remembrance Day Assembly at 9:00.  Students can dress up and wear a poppy if they have one.  We also went to the book fair.  Our older buddies helped the kids write out their "wish list".  The book fair is open late tonight and tomorrow night if you would like to go and look with the whole family.  Otherwise you can send in money and a note with your child and we will make sure they buy whichever books you have said they are allowed to.  The book fair is a fundraiser for the library so it is a great way to support the school.  Tomorrow will be hot dog Thursday as Friday is a pd day.  I know there have been lots of lost mittens, hats, etc.  We try our best to make sure each child has their own things but with 40 kids every 2 days there are a lot of mittens and hats to keep track of!  If the things have a name on them they are much easier for us to return to the child or hang on their hook for the next day they are here.  Also, outside our room I have 2 baskets filled with extra things that are left behind, please feel free to stop in anyday after school and have a look through the baskets outside our room, or have an older sibling come and look for lost things.  Have a great night:)

Ms. New