Castle Ski Hill - FREE Ski Pass

Castle Mountain Resort is pleased to offer your child a FREE 2017-2018 Season Pass

Welcome to the Castle Mountain Resort ATB SnowKids Next Door Program.

Your child will receive a 2017-2018 Season Pass courtesy of Castle Mountain Resort and ATB Financial, for a nominal processing fee.

The SnowKids Next Door Season Pass entitles your child to unlimited and unrestricted skiing or snowboarding for the entire winter season. There are no blackout dates. This offer is available to children within the boundary area, in grades K to 6.

The pass, valued at $349, is available to your child attending WESTMOUNT for a $15 administration fee, until December 7th 2017. After December 7th, the pass remains available, through to January 31, 2018 for a $25 administration fee. SnowKids passes will not be made available after January 31, 2018.

Upon pass pickup don’t forget your SnowKids coupons! Enjoy discounts on tickets for accompanying adults, free hot chocolate, lesson discounts, and more.

To sign up for this program, please visit http://www.skicastle.ca/snowkids/ and click on the “SIGN UP NOW” button at the bottom of the page.

Please use this log in exactly:
Group Name: WEST MOUNT
Password: WEST2017

Once you have registered online, you can stop by Castle Mountain Resort Guest Services starting Dec. 15th, during regular business hours, to get your picture taken and we’ll give you your season pass and coupons.

This program would not be possible without the support and financial contribution of ATB Financial in Pincher Creek. If you have any questions or need any more information, please contact us using the info below.

Phone 403.627.5101 Toll Free 1.888.754.8667 http://info@skicastle.ca