5 McKellar- Nov 2, 2017

Hi 5M Families,

This week we have been continuing the Halloween Fun! Students had a marvelous time dressing up and setting up the classroom as a Haunted House. Thank you for all the amazing treats and decorations- it was truly spectacular to watch the students have so much fun creating something spooky and interesting!

Communication- just a reminder that the blog and the student's Big Rocks folders are the main channels of communication. The blog is updated weekly with upcoming information and the Big Rocks folders contain the day-to-day information, homework and any notes or package information that needs to come home. You will also notice that your son/daughter will be bringing home their final tasks to be signed as well. Please take the time to go over these with your child and ask them information about their assessments.

Parent/ Teacher/ Interviews- are November 8th and 9th. Please book in a timeslot using this link:



LA: Students have been working on using the funnel and bullseye graphic organizers to help them organize their ideas into highly focused sentences and paragraphs. Students have been given time this week to write a highly focused paragraph around their choice of topic, with at least 4 detailed sentences. These are due tomorrow- and some students have left it until the last minute- so you may see them working on this at home tonight! I encourage all parents to ask to see their highly focused paragraph and feel free to help them identify errors with Capitalization, Punctuation, Spelling and Organization.


MATH: We have moved from addition to subtraction strategies this week and students have been highly engaged in class working through different subtraction methods and problems. Tomorrow there will be a worksheet going home that will be due on Monday. Please remind students they are NOT to use calculators, as they only cheat themselves! We will go over the answers on Monday morning.


SCIENCE: Last week we completed a critical inquiry on Wetlands, and examined ways we impact Wetland environments (both positively and negatively). We will be working on building study cards in class and we will have a unit test on Wetlands next week.


SOCIAL: We have been working in groups on understanding a Region of Canada through the geography, natural resources, climate and understanding how this affects the way people live in that Region. Student have researched and will soon be building a poster advertisement to encourage people to live and visit that Region.


ART / HEALTH: Today we discussed the Danish word “Hygge” and tried to simulate it in the classroom. Hygge is the feeling of warmth, comfort and coziness. We had a crackling fire (simulated on our smartboard), warm glowing lights on the tree, and the students completed a colour me calm for Art. We discussed the importance of activities for relaxation.



NOV 6-10 - Scholastic Book Fair at Westmount School in the Library

NOV 8 & 9 – Student / Parent / Teacher Conferences

NOV 9 – Remembrance Day Ceremony (9am- please feel free to join us!)

NOV 10- PD Day

NOV 14- Parent Advisory Council Meeting 6:30-8pm


Thank you for your time,

~Mrs. McKellar & 5M