3-Ellis for Tuesday, Oct 31

Welcome to the last day of October. New month tomorrow. Hello November. And it's staring to feel like November weather wise. Remember,we are wolves!!  Dress for the weather. 

Thank you parents and kids for all of the tasty treats today. Oh my goodness, we had lots of parents that sent in treats for EVERYONE today, so we were munching all day long. As far as I'm concerned, your kids came home well fed, and had enough treats so that noone needs to go out tonight!!  Sure; good luck with that one Mr. Ellis. Happy Halloween to all and I hope you have a fantastic night tonight. Bundle up.

Today we did a special math / SS project that encorporated some art along with encorporating our knowledge of how a grid map works. We also did one round of the Daily 5 and began another chapter in our novel study Freckle Juice. Some of us enjoyed the haunted house this morning (optional) and we all particpated in the Halloween parade this afternoon. It is a wonder that we got any work done at all!!!

Recall that I will be away from Wed - Friday with the grade six kids at Camp. Mr. Ellis Jr is in-charge. Enjoy his time as a guest teacher in our class. He's quite the kid! Really, he is. I know his parents!!  ; )

See you soon. Don't forget to sign up for a slot if you can for Student/Parent/Teacher conference.