5K October 30th

And a ghost fell over the crowd! (Ask the kids!) 

In case you missed it - tomorrow is Halloween! We are going to still have regular programming (SPARKS!) tomorrow morning. Students are encouraged to not put on BULKY costumes until lunch! In the afternoon we will have the Costume Parade and a Costume Contest! 

Every student that wears a costume will earn a point for their Colour Team. There will also be a student vote on Best Costume in each of three categories: Classic, Funny, and Home-made. The winners of each category will earn an extra 10 points for their Team!

We will be having a Math Test on Place Value on Thursday. We went over the topics in class today, students should be doing some practice each night to make sure that they are comfortable with the following material: 

  • Standard/Expanded/Word Form ("Notation")
  • Place value names and positions
  • Value of a given digit in a number
  • Rounding

On November 9th we will have a Remembrance Day Ceremony. Families are welcome. The times are as follows:

9:00am - K to 5
10:00am - 6 to 9