Monday, Oct 30, 2017

Hello, Families!

We had a great day!  We spent the first part of our morning in math groupings, working on getting better and better at adding.  Some kids were with me, some were with Mrs. M and some were with Mr. C! We had gym, and then in Daily Five we wrote about Halloween and did Read to Self.  We had Libraray as well, and Elo told us about the Scholastic Book Fair that will be here next week!  It'll be open both Wednesday and Thursday night, for Parent Teacher Interviews!  This afternoon we worked on our Monster Paragraphs and then talked about TOXIC WASTE!  We learned about what it is, and where it can go when we are done with it (like batteries and paint).  We played this REALLY COOL GAME on the Okotoks Website:


You can also go here to find out where certain waste can be disposed of: 


Tomorrow is our Halloween party and kids are welcome to dress up in their costumes!  Thank-you to parents who are providing tasty treats!  Kids should still come with their snacks and lunches in case they do not enjoy food options.  There is a fun Haunted House and we will have our annual parade through the classrooms in the afternoon!

For the rest of this week:

We are going to finish our "Monster Paragraph"

We are going to start a Visual Journal entry about Natural Waste and Human Waste.

We are going to work on adding.  (You can do this at home too, often kids are getting stuck at adding small numbers wrong, like writing 8+4=11).  Play some dice and card games!  

We are going to practice reading with fluency and accuracy and comprehension, and learn new strategies to help us.  

We are going to get together in our SS groupings and map where certain European Immigrants settled when they came to Alberta!  

Have a great week!