3-Ellis Friday October 27th

Welcome to Friday and the weekend; 

We had a typical Friday-like day today. Our health in the morning allowed us to finish up our posters on the different food groups and how they "keep your body healthy, strong and clean......."

We finished off our Daily Five rounds in mid-morning and got our new unit words for next week. 

In the PM, we worked on two art / science projects. We continued to examine our pet rocks. In addition to predicting their weight and size, we "personified" them into images, and painted them a base colour of our choice.  After that we extended our study of line in art by doing a leaf-line project. 

Next week we will have our Place Value quiz in math before moving on to Patterning. In SS we will quiz on our mapping unit. Hopefully we will begin our SS Country Research project later in the week. Have you picked your country yet?

On Tuesday, the kids are welcome to wear their costume to school. We ask that they refrain from taking any pretend weapons and that they give some sensitivity to the type of costume they wear, so as NOT to scare the younger kids. I"m sure there will be no shortage of candy, but parents are welcome to send in a treat IF they choose to. 

Next week I will be absent on Monday (funeral in Saskatoon), and also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as I have the opportunity to go with grade 6's to Outdoor Ed Camp.  I will miss you all but I promise I have placed you all in the hands of a very kind, caring and excellent substitute teacher!!  : ) 

Have great weekend.  See you on Tuesday.