October 26th, 2017

Good Evening Families of 1P,

We have been up to a lot in Grade 1 this week! We are continuing to work on our writing skills. Students need to be able to write a full sentence with an uppercase starting the sentence, with the rest of the letters lowercase, finger spaces between our words and a period ending our sentence. We will keep working hard on this through November! The last couple of weeks we have been working with our grade 3 buddies to practice our sight words. I am seeing a lot of growth in students recognizing their sight words so keep on practicing, it is helping! A reminder that students are encouraged to use Raz Kids at home to practice their reading. In math, we have continued to work on patterning. We have been using different materials, like beads, to create different patterns and also have worked with friends to extend a pattern created for them. In class, we have been using a website, www.education.com, to play math and reading games. The students wanted me to send this website out to you because they love playing these games! You can play a couple of games for free, but I do have a Pro account and am looking at how I can give students login for that account at home, so I will let you know when I figure that out. In science, we are continuing to work with colours and recognizing our primary and secondary colours and looking into what white and black do when added to colours. In social studies, we will be continuing to look at our needs and wants and diving into rights and responsibilities. 

Just a few reminders:

- On Tuesday is Halloween, students are welcome to wear their costumes but please don't send anything that could get lost or broken at recess. We will be doing actvities and having a little party so students are welcome to bring in snacks. We do have a severe dairy and peanut allergy. There are 19 kids in the class. Healthy snacks would be great (veggies, fruit etc.)! Treats are welcome as well!

- Conference Manager is open and available to book a Parent Teacher Interview for November 8th and 9th. See previous blog for information on how to book.

- Today I sent home field trip forms for our field trip next Friday. These forms are due November 1st. We will need 2 parent volunteers so if you are able to volunteer, send me an email. First come, first serve.

- Some students will be coming home with forms that are missing information from the beginning of the year. If you could return that as soon as possible, that would be great!

- Hot Dog day is tomorrow! $5 for a hot dog, drink, chips or popcorn.

- I am looking at dates and will be sending out emails to people who offered to volunteer. Hopefully, emails will be sent out by Monday!