October 23

We had a great day today!  We made bear puppets which fits along with both letters we have learned, P and B.  We also worked on our fine motor skills by making paper plate pumpkins this afternoon!  The kids had to glue bits of orange paper onto a paper plate.  We used the white glue and we learned the rhyme "a dot is a lot!"  This helped everybody use just the right amount of glue.  Squeezing those glue bottles is like a little workout for their hands!  It strengthens the muscles in their hands which gives them better fine motor skills in all areas.  We read our Letter B book together practicing looking at the picture to give us a clue as to what the words say.  This is one of the first reading strategies kids should learn, use the pictures!  We also worked on sorting and patterning in math.  We are learning that a pattern is when the same thing goes over and over again.  The kids also went to gym today.  Have a great night:)

Ms. New