Westmount Band Program Welcome Dr. Dale Lonis

Westmount School is pleased to welcome guest clinician, Dr. Dale Lonis, on Tuesday October 24 and Wednesday October 25.

Gr 7 Band students will be with Dr. Lonis on Tuesday October 24 from 12:50 pm to 3:15 pm, while the Gr 8/9 Band students will spend the afternoon with him on Wednesday October 25 from 12:50pm to 3:15pm.

Just a bit about Dr. Dale Lonis:

After years of working with and managing professional orchestras, Dr. Lonis has now returned full-time to his greatest passion of conducting, teaching and mentoring emerging musicians and teachers. His newest endeavor, The Cognitive Conductor, has enabled him to pursue what has brought him his greatest pleasure and success in the areas of conducting youth and training young conductors, throughout North America, as well as in South America, Israel, and Asia.


Over the past two decades Dale Lonis has been invited to Manitoba on numerous occasions as Provincial Honour Band conductor, guest speaker, festival adjudicator and clinician. An outstanding conductor and master educator, Dr. Lonis possesses an exceptional ability to connect with students of all ages and teachers at every stage of their career.

~ Ken Epp, Executive Director,
Manitoba Band Association

By far the most requested clinician/presenter we invite to the province, Dale Lonis has been an inspiration and mentor to Nova Scotia students and teachers for over 15 years. A passionate and skillful educator, Dr. Lonis ‘ remarkable ability to quickly assess and identify the unique needs of every group ensures that each clinic is one-of-a-kind, leading to immediate and sustainable growth within the ensemble. His distinctive teaching style enables the musicians in front of him to accept responsibility for their own musicianship. By relating musical concepts to humorous and engaging stories, Dr. Lonis captivates and educates his audience, leading with an energy that is inspiring and contagious.

~ Ardith Haley, Arts Education Consultant,
Province of Nova Scotia