3W Parties

I will send a printed copy of this note on Monday.

Dear Parents/Guardians of 3W,

On October 31st we will be having our Halloween Party. The children are allowed to wear their costume to school. There will be some Halloween events throughout the day, however, we will continue with academic work as well! 

We will be having our party in the afternoon but please make sure that the snacks are at the school in the morning. A spooky time should be had by all! 

To help celebrate special days throughout the year parents are invited to send snacks for the class. Students have asked me in the past if they could also bring a snack on another day that they aren’t signed up for and the answer is YES!! Please send these with your child in the morning on the day of the party. There are 27 students in our class.


                                     Halloween        Christmas    Valentines        Easter                             

                                      Oct. 31             Dec. 22        Feb. 14            Mar. 29



Fruit and dip                    Devin           Ava           Naomi & Orlando        Carson

Meat, cheese, crackers    Lucas          Griffin                  Kyler                  Brianna

Veggies and dip        Ben & Grace              Kydin                  Archie               Jake & Andre 



Cupcakes, cookies,

s OR chips                  Suri & Mason      Ethan & Caden     Matson & Katya    Callie & Cash



Juice Boxes/Juice             Olivia               Paige                  Chloe                  William


Children are still expected to bring a lunch on these days (unless it is a half day). Please let me know if any of these days do not work for you! Please remember snacks should be PEANUT/NUT – FREE!


Mrs. Wurz