3-Ellis Friday, October 20th

Welcome to Friday; TGIF

Health - can you name the five major food  groups?  Are they all equal? Should we eat  more of some and less of others?

"Keep your body healthy strong and clean   Ears, Nose, Teeth

and there are some greasy foods you should NOT eat

Like a burger, like a hotdog, like a side of fries

Oh, keep your body healthy, strong and clean....."

Kids, sing it! Teach it! It's a round. What's a round?

Math; we are finishing off our Place Value unit. Kids should be able to identify the place value of any digit (what's a digit) of a four digit number.  Can you vertically align two, three digit numbers and find their sum? What's sum? What's difference? What does parallel mean? Symmetry? Vertex? Perimeter?

Literacy; we finished our Word Work unit 4 this week and we will have a quiz on these words on Monday.  I will attempt to blog these words so you can work on these at home if you need to / want to.  In our Work On Writing we continue to focus on writing full and complete sentences that begin with CAPITALS and end with PERIODS.   Last week we began our Daily 5 rotations, and this week we began our Leveled Literacy Instruction (literacy groups that will help us become better readers by teaching us strategies for improving our comprehension, fluency, word accuracy and expanding vocabulary - the four foundations of reading effectiveness).

Social Studies; we will finish off mapping next week. Know the basic parts of a map and know your continents and oceans. In the coming week (or two) we will embark on a country research project. Parents, chat with your kids around this and help your kids pick a country of personal interest. Some components of this project will be done at home, mainly the information gathering).

Science; so, what causes an earthquake? What causes a volcano? How are rocks made? Are there different types of rocks? If you were magic and could cut the earth in half, what would you see? Can you name and describe the layers? Do continents move? If so, how?

Okay, so I think that about covers it. Stay tuned to see if I am successful in blogging the spelling words.  Have a great weekend. Get outside and get some sunshine, and rake some leaves, before they get covered in snow!!