3W Listen To Reading !

Hello 3W,

The students have really shown a love for listening to stories so I wanted to share with you some websites that they can access at home in addition to Raz Kids:

Read aloud stories free online (Google search – free online books read aloud)


https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=online+read+aloud+stories Or you can just search on youtube – read aloud books for children


http://preview.tumblebooks.com/bookslist.aspx?CategoryID=13    For all tumble books you need to subscribe, but there are several free ones.  Also, some libraries offer full access to tumble books. 


Some more:






Listening to stories that may be challenging or engaging for students can help build fluency and vocabulary! Please encourage your child to have some time listening to stories being read to them using technology. This does not replace the importance of listening to stories read aloud by an adult, but offers another option for enjoying text! 

Yours in literacy,

Mrs. Wurz