6S News Oct. 18

Spelling Lesson 3 test tomorrow. Words are available on the Spelling City Website. Students need to type in Westmount School, choose ours in Okotoks, then type in diane schneider in teacher search. They will find List 3 and several activities including a practice test.

We finished our novel study of Edward Tulane and today completed a test and written responses. 

In Math, we are working on addition and subtraction of large numbers including decimals. We reviewed using zero as a place holder and subtracting across several zeros. Students will be bringing some practice for homework this weekend.

Camp is quickly approaching. Fees can be paid online or by cheque. Please make cheques payable to Westmount School. If you sold chocolates, the amount you've earned from sales will be deducted from your fees and will show up on your child's Maplewood Account. The amount deducted for each case sold is $45.90 - slightly less than original amount of $50.00, due to an error in communication with the company representative. If you require assistance with payment, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail.

Hot Dog Day tomorrow! PD Day on Friday!