Water bottles

Dear Parents,

Please send your child with a labelled, reuseable water bottle every day. The students are allowed to keep one on their desks, so that they can drink whenever they are thirsty. This promotes healthy living and encourages the students to stay hydrated. Also, walking to the water fountain wastes valuable learning time. If you haven't already purchased a reuseable water bottle, please consider getting one that has either an attached straw, or a push button to open when drinking. (Some reuseable water bottles have flimsy lids with large holes. When the bottles get knocked over, the lid pops open and a flood of water comes out, sometimes drenching students and student work!)  If you don't wish to send a reuseable water bottle, consider sending a labelled, recycleable water bottle. These can be used for the week and then recycled.

Thank you for your support!

Mrs. Deguire