3-Ellis Tuesday October 17th

  Thank you, thank you, and thank you again to our parent volunteers. And thank you to YOU kids! We had a most AWESOME day today on our Rock Walk. We kind of blew their, and pushed threw the wind to get back. It was a great day. We had a lot of fun and we ALL managed to collect some pretty cool rocks, which we will look at very closely over the next few weeks. Remember, each rock has a different story to tell, and each rock was most likely, at some time, lava and molten liquid rock! Imagine that the rock that's in your hand was maybe stepped on by a T-Rex! Who would of thought!!  And it's just a rock!

   In math we took a close look at the meaning of the word perimeter, and we traced and measured around the perimeter of some weird looking structures. In our talk about measurement, we are memorizing our different units of measurement, such as mm (what's that), cm ( and that) and km ( and that). We also explored and found the meaning of the word symmetry and parallel. 

    In SS, we continue to work on mapping. 

    In Science....well.......rocks  rock!!

    And in Literacy we are reading Freckle Juice and beginning our Daily 5 rotations. We are now on week four in our spelling units, which I have not blogged yet, but plan to do so soon! 

Hang on tight tonight! That wind is pretty ferocious. It's a shorter week this week. No school for you on Friday! Awwww!! Too bad!! 

See you tomorrow.