COBS Fundraiser for Westmount School

We are pleased to continue with the COBS Bread fundraiser, and thier ongoing support of Westmount School.  Please see the letter below, from

Kelly & Lee Hodgins at COBS Bread Centennial Village & Shawnessy:

Hello Westmount School,

My name is Kelly Hodgins and I am the proud owner of COBS Bread Centennial Village in Okotoks and COBS Bread in Shawnessy.

As part of my commitment to the local community I would like to offer Westmount School the opportunity to participate in our Dough Raiser program. The Dough Raiser program is where we help raise money for your group!

Throughout the year we will offer the families and staff members the chance to raise funds which will be donated back to your group.

How will it work?

Each time the families and staff members at Westmount School purchase a product at COBS Bread Centennial Village or Shawnessy and they mention they’re raising dough for your group our staff will process a 15 % donation of the sale back to your group.

Our donation will be presented to your group at the end of our year. Running totals can be provided to let families know how much they have raised for the group.

We also offer bonus promotions throughout the year to help your team raise even more funds. Some exciting offers we have are; for example, $2 per 6-pack of Hot Cross Buns sold during the Easter Campaign are donated to the group.

How to get started:

We are able to send out a letter explaining to parents what the program is and how the funds will be used.

We are extremely excited about supporting Westmount School and hope that this can be the beginning of a close and rewarding relationship.

If you are interested in helping us raise more ‘dough’ for your group, please contact me and I would be happy to discuss it with you further. I can be reached by email at



Yours sincerely,

Kelly & Lee Hodgins

COBS Bread Centennial Village & Shawnessy