3W Back to School Reminders

I have had a few questions about bells and routines etc. so I wanted to post this email that went home in September in case any one else was wondering. 

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Some details as we begin our year:


  • Supervision begins in the morning at 8:25
  • School begins at 8:40 and ends at 3:15
  • Junior high students will be welcomed into the building at 8:25 to access lockers and get ready to be in their first block classes at 8:40
  • Elementary students will hear a “line up” bell at 8:37 and the doors will open at the second bell at 8:40.  Please send students to school with appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather.

(Exceptions will be for the BOKS program, morning greeting, the sports programs, and the breakfast program.  As these programs get up and running, communication will be sent out.)


  • Please have elementary students line up and enter at their designated doors.  Parents are welcome to wait with their children at the designate doors. 
  • Students will be dismissed through their designated doors. 
  • All parents entering the building are required to sign in at the front office.  

Parking and dropping off:

  • Please do not park in the turning lane leading to our school driveway.  This creates huge congestion as people turning into the parking lot must go into the middle lane and around the parked cars to turn in.
  • Westmount School was built as a “walking school” as most of the homes accessing our school are in close proximity. Our parking for cars is very limited. If you must drive, please drop students off by pulling in through the driveway rather than parking.