3W News October 16-19

Good Morning Parents/Guardians of 3W,

Thank you for those of you who where able to help with sending money in for the walk-a-thon on Friday! Our class did great and the students were able to walk in their colour groups. 

Social Studies - We have been working on mapping skills and learning about the 7 continents in Social Studies. This week students will have a mapping assessment in class that they will work on throughout the week. They will need to understand North, East, South, and West when looking at a map/globe/atlas. If you would like to check your child's knowledge, help ensure that they can list the 7 continents independentely. It is also important for them to be able to find the continents (either from memory or when using a globe or map). We have been practicing this as a class, with partners, and on our own. They will have a short quiz on this on Thursday. Spelling is not essential as long as I can tell what they are meaning. 

A reminder that our Rock Walk to Lions Park was rescheduled for Tuesday, October 17th. The purpose of this trip is to supplement our science unit Rocks and Minerals. We will be travelling by foot and will be leaving the school at about 10:55 in the morning, and returning at approximately 3:00 pm. Please ensure your child has an adequate bagged lunch and appropriate outdoor clothing. Remember, Cub Café will not be an option. A water bottle is  essential. 

Please check your child's winter boots to ensure they wore their own pair home. A student in our class with black boots have disapperared! 

It seems as though Raz Kids if finally back up and running consistently. Thank you for your patience as the website sorted out "roll over" issues with the subscription. 

A reminder that Friday, October 20th is a PD Day for staff so no school for students. Hot Dog Thursday this week! Traditionally, the $5 covers a hot dog, drink, and chips. Popcorn seems to be the new trend so I thought I would clarify.....If they want a hot dog, drink, and a small popcorn the cost is $5. If your child wants a regular sized popcorn, with hot dog, and drink the cost is $6. 

Please see the below announcement for a leadership opportunity (students can also see me if interested): 

Wolfpack Leadership Opportunity for Grades 1-6: Morning Greeters!

Seeking friendly leaders to be ambassadors for Westmount School as they serve as Morning Greeters. Morning Greeters will be responsible for joining teachers to welcome our Westmount Community as they are entering the school in the morning. You will have/develop confidence in greeting new people and you will show Wolf Pride as you wish others a good day.

*You will need to be able to arrive at school for 8:25am. Applications can be picked up at the leadership board by the office. Applications are due to Ms. Hollingsworth or Mrs. Wurz by October 23rd, 2017.  

Have a fabulous Sunday! Mrs. Wurz